The Most Stylish Actresses of 2015

1. Cameron Diaz:

Cameron Diaz has always been known to dress amazingly. Even more, she hasn’t aged a day! She doesn’t look a day over 30. Her simple yet elegant style has landed her on this list. Diaz tops off her outfit with a stylish pink purse.  



2. Diane Krueger

Actress and model Diane Krueger shows us how to wear a dress. Doesn’t her red lipstick just tie this entire look together? Her nude dress is also complemented by a beautiful purse.



3. Emma Stone

Emma Stone has been in a number of films- Superbad, Spiderman and Crazy Stupid Love. In almost every film, Emma Stone is stunning and pretty much flawless. Look at her shoes!


4. Emma Watson

Only Emma Watson can pull off wearing trousers underneath a dress. Here she is at the Golden Globe awards...dressing better than everyone else in the crowd.


5. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence was probably the biggest break-out star of 2015. She has been dominating every award show and she’s starred in pretty much every big movie these past few years-X-Men, hunger games and American Hustle.



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