The world is going GAGA over minions and thats what we thought when we curated these Wristlets !! These WOODOO Wristelts have a magical Aura because of their playfulness . 

MINION FASHION is everywhere and we are so Inspired by ASOS collection ! We thought , why not some Minion Wristlets for the Young girls . These Wristlets can be used as a pocket pouch or a hand sling . It defines your Personality . Check out these Fashion Products in Rage .

We have a Pink Strip Wristlet which is Humourously Named MINION ON THE BEACH . 

You can pair this up with Dungaree denims and make it your coin Purse ! It also looks cute with a Coral Dress .


We have Curated a Collection of 6 Styles with each charter has its unique Personality . 

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