NICHE : A Den Of Elegant Designs by ADITYA KOHLI

There is one thing that keeps us fuel to our Inspiration and determination & That is Appreciation :) Thanking the Kraftly Team for visiting Our Studio at Shapurjat & Covering our BRAND STORY making us gush with Pride !! Take a Look : 

NICHE : A Den Of Elegant Designs

Fuelled by a desire to showcase her unique designs to the world, Niche by Nishita Agarwal is one of the most rapid success stories witnessed in South Delhi’s fashion hub of Shahpur Jat. Derived from her own name (Nishita) and the desire to create something unique, Niche is one of our Seller Success Stories for September 2017.


Starting with her forte of bags, Niche has seen Bollywood celebrities like Soha Ali Khan Pataudi, Karishma Kapoor, and Kriti Sannon stylise their looks with its products. All the categories are a testament to the brand’s motto of being exclusive in style & design while bringing out the confidence of the high-end market. This has been possible due to Nishita’s confidence in herself and faith in her abilities. Initially, she would only design bags. Once she knew that her ideas were selling only then did she expand the store’s range. Niche now has a number of successful categories like apparels, lapel pins, accessories, and home decor items.

What does Niche specialize in?

Nishita’s personal mantra is to create something which she would like to flaunt. The store attempts to add value to a user’s life by creating something meaningful and does not believe in blindly following trends. If we look at her bags, then each bag in Niche has a vibrancy in its elegance, with a combination of five to six colors coming together. There is a great attention to detail with the contours being different from each other. Her scarves are such that the same white shirt can be paired with three different styles to create three different looks. These are just two examples of the versatility of her products, which are bound to keep any visitor engaged and return for more.

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What Are The Factors Behind Its Success?

Nishita is not only an extremely creative designer but also has a strong business acumen. A carefully planned online and marketing strategy has been the difference between Niche and its competitors. Nishita has ensured that the photos are clicked perfectly, with the product clearly standing out. As a result, the vibrancy of her products is clearly visible.The cherry on the cake is a series of fantastic product descriptionswhich further add to the brand’s charm.

She is also an extremely hard worker who can provide the completed product in almost next to no time. Thanks to her rapid execution she can increase the products in each category with many contemporary designs, including superhero based trinkets, but with her own twist. It is also how she can process the huge number of orders which she gets in a day.

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Her Association With Kraftly?

Niche’s store on Kraftly has been the next successful step in the brand’s journey. Online, she sells her products exclusively on Kraftly. Initially attracted by the commission rates (she finds it incomparable to any other websites), she is extremely appreciative of the ease at which she can function. In fact, she is so comfortable on Kraftly that she does not want to spend time on experimenting with any other e-commerce platform.

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In Niche, Nishita has shown how a combination of tactful thinking, quality design and an ability to work effectively will ensure that your dreams do come true.

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We, at Kraftly, believe that by continuing at this rate, Nishita Agarwal will surely accomplish all her lofty goals! We wish her luck & lots of success in times to come, and also hope, that this earnest story brings to our other sellers’ true inspiration through her work.

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She learned the value of hard work by working hard.

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