Quarantine Days !!

This Blog has a purpose . A purpose indeed . To remind us of the sweet or sour time we had in our lives which all of us have never experienced before . 

From Lazing around all day doing nothing to 'netflix n chill' mode for days without feeling guilty :p ( We all wanted to hang out in our pyjamas on sundays doing nothing and wished for the weekend to stretch ) and voila we got it for months . Except that now we wished it to get over soon :(

We see a change in the world and recognise the basic essentials of life i.e food , medicine and shelter . We wonder ....were the things we were running around really important ? Was it really necessary to hand out at the new night club in town , or buy the latest gadget or grab the latest fashion deal .

Or are we blindfolded by the world's view of pleasure or their marketing strategies . 

One thing is for sure , the world is going to change once it ends and we might see a  more pragmatic approach from working from home , spending more time with family , finding new passions etc. 

This is the time to halt , reflect back and see our lives from a new light . Maybe Universe has a way of reminding us the true purpose of our lives . 

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